Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remnants of Irene

It is not at all diifficult to find Irene's effects in our corner of Ulster County. Creek-side litteris not only about last on the list of what needs cleaning up; usually it is simply left alone. Until the next flood.

Evidence of a mortar-free stone wall, from long ago, stands astride the new stream bed carved out by Irene's waters. Here we walked, between the Old Plank Road and the Esopus. Is that tree from nearby, or from afar?

 Part of a port-a-potty, the roof, it'd seem.
 A bread basket, the sort of a delivery is made on, one a a handful we saw as we walked.

 Another basket.
 Tree litter, as if they were matchsticks.
 Where did that piece of black lumber come from?

A backpack, perhaps a pillow?

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