Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am not sure how I came across this; I look at so much information throughout the day that unless I specifically tag something I lose track of where I saw it. Twitter might have led me to it in a roundabout way. The artist, Neil Goldberg, is featured in a very recent column by Randy Kennedy in the New York Times subtitled Neil Goldberg Exhibition at Museum of the City of New York. Perhaps a tweet by the Museum, which I do follow on Twitter, is the answer.

One thing I really like about this is that watching drivers's elbows is of to me. Not just of truck drivers, but all drivers, how people stick their arms out of the window of their vehicles interests and amuses me. Even in this photo it is visible that different drivers use different angles: the second from left on the bottom row has his elbow on the edge, while the leftmost on the top row has the elbow completely outside. Both the leftmost and rightmost on the bottom row have their arms on the window. I enjoy seeing the different ways people put their arms out, and it is almost exclusively men that do so, it occurs to me. Some do as these drivers, just sticking the elbow out, whilst others put their entire arm out, some even dangling it.

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