Friday, May 30, 2014

Rest in Peace: Wartime Relics Reclaimed by the Land and Sea

Saw this article on Flipboard. Photographs are beautiful.

Dietmar Eckell's series "R.I.P" is a utopian vision. His images of abandoned and neglected military installations and equipment around the globe suggest a peaceful world where these instruments of aggression, no longer needed, have been left to rust or sink into the sea. Since there are no people in the pictures, however, it's easy to imagine the series as a post-apocalytpic future where pieces of military hardware remain as monuments to mankind's folly.

{His website is cool.}

An abandoned Sherman tank off the coast of Saipan, a Soviet radio telescope in Latvia, runways on Tinian Island, Mariana Islands, launching point for the atomic bomb attacks against Japan, and this: Tower forts built during World War II to defend against air attacks off the coast of England.

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