Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amateur photography

 Oops, car post in way: looking at car port on corner of 196th Street and 116th Road, St. Albans. (Here is an older shot of same scene that looks far better)
 Oops, same car post; looking at Baptist church on 196th and 119th, St Albans.

The zig-zag intersection at 196th and 120th Avenue (and reflection of dasboard on windshield).

122nd Avenue ahead.

Nashville Boulevard and 197th Street, 9 October, noontime, on my way to Hewlett.

 One of those interesting houses on 224th Street (where they are on east side, only; on 225th they are on both sides, and on 226th they are only on the west side).

Funky little house on 224th and 133rd Avenue. Nice shadow effect on stop sign.
Brush has been cut back, quite recently; it used to spill over onto the east-bound lane on 149th Road, near 262nd Street.
Red painted on bushes outside HWPL. That's the Children's room, behind the school district parking lot.
86,060 miles on Rocinante.
This is a structure between 22nd and 223rd Streets, south of Merrick Boulevard; I can not figure out what it is (my guess is a gas tank, but that's a pure guess).
Another look at it. Both shots are from my ride home, after 5pm.

One of many pretty houses I pass by, in St Albans, along 196th Street.
Riding along a very narrow street, 190th, approaching Hillside Avenue. The angle of the light poles intrigues me.

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