Sunday, October 30, 2011

New York photographs

In an H-Mart in Linden Hill, a warning.

Sunday afternoon, 2 October, driving through St. Albans, on the way home to Flushing, I came upon this: BusOmove, a bus that provides entertainment: a party bus, a movie bus. Ingenious.

On the way back to my vehicle, from getting lunch at Fishnet Jamaican Restaurant, I came upon this part of a brick on 190th Street, just south of Linden Boulevard – across the street from where New York Shoes (as I titled the picture of shoes I took a month earlier, and, yes, the shoes were still there, in the same spot).

New York Shoes.

Now that it has snowed for the first time in October in New York City, this picture seems especially incongruous. It's a house in Bayside, and the climbing vine contrasts with the still-green bush, 6 days before the snow.

 A vehicle in Flushing, this morning, showed a small amount of snow, but in October, any snow is weird.

The intersection of Brookville Boulevard and 135th Avenue showed traces of snow.

And I was at that intersection in my quest to find the waterway that makes its way to Conselyeas Pond, Brookville Park, and hence to the swampy area near JFK. I can not tell if the water makes its way to Jamaica Bay, but I guess that it does.

What fascinates me is this obscured waterway wending its way through the concrete of southern Queens.

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