Monday, November 14, 2011

Trotting Course Lane

In the triangle bound by Trotting Course Lane (I sure would love to know the origin of that street name) and Alderton Street, I found Remsen Cemetery. Soldiers from the revolutionary War are buried there; the nearby plaque refers to Cooper Regiment.

The plaque is back there, beyond the chain bounding the burial ground itself.

Though the sun washes out the legend on the plaque, one can see statues of douhgboys keeping vigil over other graves. A couple of them were unreadable.

Then I proceeded up Alderton Street. Beautiful autumn colors this year, such as this small maple.

Intersection of Yellowstone Boulevard and Alderton. I am accustomed to seeing Yellowstone up by Queens Boulevard; this was something of a surprise, to encounter it here.

A beautiful Japanese maple in full regalia, as I proceeded up Alderton.

Dieterle Crescent was one of several semicircular streets that started and ended at Alderton.
This next one is a curiousity: the map does not show it, but clearly it is there. I believe I was on the eastern side of Alderton.

Where do these street names come from?

Asquith? The Asquith?

Walking along 64th Road, after bearing left (west), some more pretty autumn colors.
And, Fitchett?

Heading southeast on Wodhaven Boulevard, another named avenue.

A one-block long street, Goldington Court.

And Furmanvill, at the northern boundary of St. John's Cemetery.

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