Monday, November 7, 2011

A warm November day

Took a walk to Downtown Flushing, to do some shopping. First stop, X'ian Famous Foods, for a lamb burger: that is a spicy cumin lamb burger, served in a bun that looks more a pita than a white-bread bun, with a slice of jalapeƱo and red onion. Three bucks. Can't beat that. Bought a cup of coffee for a buck at a bakery down the block, and managed to get it without sugar (not an easy task).

On the walk back, I passed this thing on 38th Avenue; I suppose it's a tree. Or was. But why is it there?

On Bowne Street I caught this Smart car parked between the stop line and the crosswalk lines. Now, that is a parking space no other car could possibly get.

On 38th Avenue, near 147th Street, there is an old house wedged in between the parking lot of an immense nursing and rehabilitation home and rows of attached houses. Consider the ivy covering the face of the house; yet there are vehicles in its driveway.

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